Road to CS3 Krakow


We will meet at the 4th Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing (CS3) Conference in Krakow to review the state-of-the-art and share experiences about cloud storage services. The community which gathered around the previous CS3 events includes users, service providers and developers of technological solutions. The initial trigger of this conference series (CERN Geneva, November 2014) was the perception of the importance within the research environment of storage services capable to synchronise, share and interact with growing data volumes.

In the second conference (ETH Zurich, January 2016) we witnessed a growing interest in a larger community and the first prototypes of innovative non-traditional working storage: systems having at their centre synchronisation and sharing capabilities are natural candidates to host demanding data processing in the future.

The third event (SurfSARA Amsterdam, January 2017) confirmed these trends and attracted larger community of technology leaders and alongside a solid CS3 community which is now organising in proposing and executing innovative projects and proposing standardisation lines across different installations and technologies. Large-scale synchronization and sharing capabilities are already challenging existing IT infrastructures in all areas, from security models to integration with compute resources. This situation calls for renewing computing infrastructures and the way research is done locally and across collaborating institutes.

As in the past, the conference will maximise the opportunity to liaise with key actors of the community. We invite you to submit abstracts using the abstract submission page. Selected presentations (oral or poster) will be part of a Book of Abstracts to be published in the conference website (Book of Abstracts of last conferences are available online).

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